Sky Garden: Paradise Flowers

Sky Garden: Paradise Flowers
Sky Garden: Paradise Flowers

SKY GARDEN: PARADISE FLOWERS is an exotically casual farming game for mobile phones and tablets Join the world of fairy tales with amazing characters where you will become a fantasy gardener on the clouds. Raise a garden of flowers, harvest seed of plant, grow them in unique pots, explore the world on paradise Are you ready for a new adventure? Let's go now and don't forget to share your garden with friends to make life more fun!

? STORY Red and Jack were close friends, sharing the same passion for flowers. One day, there was a sneaky little big bad wolf in the neighborhood trying to steal their flowers at night and... getting caught. The Wolf offered some magic beans and magic potions for liberation. Following Wolf's instruction, the couple grew a giant beanstalk into the sky and so began the story of their Sky Garden

? SKY GARDEN FEATURES - POTS COLLECTION: Guess what? Plants are grown here. The Pots are beautiful yet powerful, collectible and upgradable! - HUMANIZED PLANTS: Grow, take care of them and they will bless you. We have Flowered family (Sunflower, Rose, Lavender, Daisy, Lotus...), Fruit family (Apple, Lemon, Watermelon, Grape, Blueberry, Strawberry...) and Special family (Snowflake, Gold, Cotton, Baby's Breath, Ginger, Tea, Bubble) - PRODUCTION & DELIVERY: Use your Bug Machines to make goods, then spread them across an always-hungry town with the help of Tutu The Owl and even The Air Balloon - TRADE: Exchange rare items with neighbors and friends through your in-house shop for a big fortune! - SOCIAL INTERACTION: Help to fix friends' Bug Machines, looking for Ladybugs everywhere to upgrade your Pots

? SUPPORT Neighbors, are you having problems? Contact us inside the game by going to MENU > SUPPORT


? TIP FOR WISE GARDENER ♥ Log into your account through a social network (Facebook, Twitter) to protect your garden ♥ Place pots in combo on the same cloud level to get a bonus (Gold, Time, Exp) and mixing fun ♥ Catch clans of Ladybugs in your garden and neighbors every hour in order to upgrade Pots and Bug Machines ♥ Upgrade Pots to help plants grow faster, upgrade Bug Machines to help to accelerate production ♥ Do not miss Daily Lucky Draw and Star Bubble for random gifts every day (Bubbles fly from underneath the garden up to the sky) ♥ Collect Building Materials from Daily Features for upgrading Constructions: Silo Magic, Barn Magic, Warehouse, so you can get rich ♥ Repair neighbor's machines to get Cloud Glues, Magic Potions, and Gold used to activate new Cloud Levels ♥ Collect Combo Decors and Mountings under the clouds to get many bonuses (Gold, Time, Exp) ♥ Do not miss special gifts from Achievements - Trophies ♥ Be a real gardener, a real farmer, use your Gold wisely, gather your friends into clans to grow fast together ♥ Make Dried Apples, Apple Juice even Apple Fabric from Apples as they are quite useful ♥ On each island, there is an Air Balloon to help you deliver mass amounts of goods ♥ Remember to visit your neighbors' islands. ♥ Tom is your close friend, Tom help you find anything you need. Visit Tom every day

Jack, Red, Wolf, and Tom will update you regularly with other tips and so many other tips

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