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Are you ready for a Super Hard IQ guessing game ? Guess What?, the place where brainy people to test out their IQ and will keep you entertaining for hours. Question sets that you never think of and once you get the answer your score will increasing and you'll gain a lots of new knowledge. Challenge your friends and get your friends to help you! Hint: - If you stuck on a difficult Guess What level, you can use your accommodation points by purchasing hints to make things easier. - Expose A Letter - Using this hint will reveal a random letter in the puzzle. Use this hint when you need an extra nudge to guess the answer on a hard question! - Remove Unused Letters - This hint remove letters from the board which are NOT USED in the puzzle game. It's an efficent way to narrow the scale, use it wisely! We hope Guess What will bring you joyful time with your friends and family members.


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