Dynasty Heroes: The Legend

Dynasty Heroes: The Legend
Dynasty Heroes: The Legend

Heroes Combo Strategy Game of the Year is available now!

You are the most powerful ruler of the Three Kingdoms, finding your invincible heroes who are really entirely devoted to you, leveling up the usage of tactics, and you'll be the only empire that overruled the continent.

Game Feature Introduction:

√Real Time Combat, Link Skill Attack

√100 Heroes at your command -Experiencing the remarkable story of the historical Three Kingdoms,recruiting different heroes carrying various skills and attributes. It's up to you to chose and match them for purpose of reaching maximum fighting force, which can provide you strong satisfaction!

√Unleash Ultimate Hero Combo Skills -Initial Combo Attack with your fingers giving you a super interesting gameplay,combining different heroes through different order will release various lined skill, which can provide you amazing operation feeling!

√Global PK,Fight for Honor -Online PK daily at 9:00-10:00,play one-to-one,testing your operation and tactics.Winning Online PK can gain you luxury rewards,providing you exciting experience!

Download Dynasty Heros:the legend to your mobile phone,play with players all over the world,you'll be not alone.

√Find us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/D.H.TheLegend - Use this page to share tips, ask questions, and make new friends. Check back regularly for more information about dynasty heros:the legend



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