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Mythical Hero

Mythical Hero

Introduction Mythical Hero, a new published fantasy action mobile game, brings all the players not only the promotion of stunning visual graphics, but also the addictive battle modes and various talismans. Let's begin our journey to the stars! The more ambitious you are, the more competent you will be. It is your ambition that drives you to achievements! Do you want it? Choose Mythical Hero, a bravo option to lead your fantasy journey! Features 1. Produced by Mamwell, a Fine Work Undoubted As a total adaption from the original work, Mythical Hero relives places, times and storylines straight from the famous fiction. Just immerse yourself in the battlefield with stunning effects like reading the masterpiece!

2. Original Characters, Sumptuous Scenario Using 3D techniques on characters' building, every action and facial expressions of fantasy myths are showed. Abundant scenarios, fantastic effects, well-set pace, newfangled formation, all of these make it too addicting to stop!

3. You are Protected, You are Skillful Refreshing pets and talismans have great effects in both visual and battle. Also, you owns special skills like dodges and critical strikes that you can transfer freely. All the demons will not be qualified to be your components!

4. Squad-based Combat, Here You Are the Warrior Build your own faction, collect the heroes and become the Legends. Team up with players in the dungeon, slag the Epic Boss in the battleground! If you are manage to survive through the Epic Boss, the spoils of victory awaits.

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