League of Immortals – Warfare


League of Immortals – Warfare

League of Immortals – Warfare

With already millions of players already playing, 2015's revolutionary mobile action game League of Immortals is here! League of Immortals seamlessly combines MOBA and RPG gameplay, with heroes at your fingertips ready to be leveled-up and sent to battle! Bringing an experience more exciting than the usual card battle and gameplay deeper than most RPGs, League of Immortals delivers a truly immersive MOBA gaming experience.

·Real Time Battle: Instantly fight against millions of other players in MOBA style battles! ·Clan Wars: Take your clan to occupy territories filled with rich treasures. Then defend them from enemy clans! ·Hero Customization: Your Favorite Heroes now have all new skins. Personalize your team today!

- Innovative Versus Mode which allows you to enter matchmaking and battle your opponents in real-time PvP. Players can compete online against millions of active opponents, controlling their heroes in intense battle. - Intuitive controls allow you to move your heroes, cast their abilities, and slay the enemy forces. All this and more in the palms of your hands! - Fight shoulder to shoulder with your clan mates to accomplish new tasks - New hero skins allowing you to customize your hero looks on the battlefield - RTS combat awareness, control all your heroes, develop your winning strategy, crush your enemies - Train and equip your heroes as you see fit, and customize your team. Level up the mighty Wukong, send forth Nezha, and control heroes from all the Three Realms. - Coordinate with other players to create your very own clan. Gather together and strategize how to dominate the competition! - Competitive tournaments held at the IET ESports event, where players compete in front of countless spectators.

An unprecedented new gaming experience with real-time MOBA combat! All of this and more is waiting in your League of Immortals journey.

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