Fantasy Adventure Z


Fantasy Adventure Z

Fantasy Adventure Z

★ The hottest sequel popular with 2000000 players around the world. ★ Develope your strategic method to conquer various challenges. ★ Train up your Warkeys in every way you want ★ AWESOME graphic performance ★ Maneuver your Warkeys mad, marching to your Victory!

System Recommendations Operating System: Android 2.2 and above. Memory configuration: 1G or more is recommended. Storage space: 500MB recommended. ※ Quality connection environment is highly recommended for avoiding purchase issues.

《Fantasy Adventure Z》, inherited the previous generation of the highly recommended "RTS" and "RPG" system, is now evolved with multiplayer features, allowing players to enjoy competitive game mechanics.

Inheriting the highly recommended previous sequel, players can now adventure as the main hero “Ethan” with his merry fellows, assisting “The Alliance” fighting the military invasion of the “Nether Army”. Experience through the journey in the “Zero Zone” and get involved in the chaotic combats between several forces. Finally, discover the mystery life of “Ethan” himself.

Unlike its previous sequel, players have to marshal their various occupation of “Warkeys” in《Fantasy Adventure Z》. By cultivating their “Warkeys”, players can overcome numerous of challenges in the “Zero Zone” and winning the battles in the PVP arenas.


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