Crazy Chicken


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Crazy Chicken

Crazy Chicken

Always having been locked away for the ghosts to feast upon, things were looking hopeless for all the chickens... Until, luck had finally struck and one brave chicken, Cracker, escaped. Can he rescue all his friends and escape from the ghosts and monsters from turning into their next meal?

[BRAVE HEROES] - Lead Cracker through 3 different worlds to help rescue his friends from turning into BBQ! - Unlock Special abilities for invisibility, and extra speed for the race against time. -Collect the keys to open the gate for Cracker and his friends to escape safely without getting eaten!

[UNLOCK  HIDDEN FRIENDS] - Dozens of heroes, each with their own special abilities! - Calculate their strengths and collect the entire team of heroic champions!


- 92 increasing-difficulty levels, distributed in EASY, HARD, HELL modes.

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